1.) Before joining William Raveis, our team leader was a founder of

Newport Rents and Kavanaugh Grant Real Estate.  

Newport Rents was devoted exclusively to the leasing and management of investment property.  

You will have the benefit of the foremost authority on getting property rented, and keeping it rented. 

2.) All exclusive rentals receive one year of  FREE property management.*

Management and commission discounts are available thereafter. 

3.) We work cooperatively. That means ALL members of our team willwork

day and night to get you a great tenant.

Someone will always be available to make sure property is shown. 

4.) Prospects and agents can contact any of us, 24/7.

5.) We will FULLY cooperate with ANY licensed agent to get you rented. We offer a 50/50 commission share to our fellow agents. 

6.) For every exclusive rental, $100 of our commission will go towards our goal of removing 1 ton of garbage from our oceans by the end of 2020.

7.) You will have THE BEST rental team in your corner. We understand 'vacancy' means lost revenue.


Of course, we welcome non-exclusive rentals if that is your preference. 

To list your property, go to:


To discuss your options, call Jason Brown: 401-480-5952

*Conditions apply. Contact us for details